Privacy policy

Privacy Policy:

AS WE GROW is concerned about the privacy and security of the data handled by the company. AS WE GROW's privacy policy states the purpose for which personal information is collected and how such data is handled. Our goal is for customers, partners and other individuals to be informed about how the company collects and processes personal information.

AS WE GROW, id. 450912-3010, Klapparstíg 29, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland, is responsible for the personal information provided to the company. You can send a written inquiry to the company about the handling of personal information to the email address
Personal information is any personally identifiable or personally identifiable information about the registered person, i.e. information that can be directly or indirectly attributed to a specific person, according to the definition of the Privacy Act. Data that is not personally identifiable is not considered personal data.
AS WE GROW's handling of personal information is governed by the current laws on personal protection and handling of personal information as they are at any given time in Iceland.
Collection and processing of personal data:
AS WE GROW collects personal information about its customers to provide them with access to products and services in accordance with the provisions of commercial agreements, to ensure that services are tailored to their needs and to communicate information to them for marketing purposes. The goal of collecting information is primarily to serve customers better and to adapt and improve their experience of the AS WE GROW service.

AS WE GROW only collects personal information that is necessary to provide appropriate services at any given time. If the customer chooses not to provide personal information, there is a possibility that AS WE GROW will not be able to supply products or provide services to the relevant party.
AS WE GROW never uses personal information for purposes other than those for which it was collected. Data is stored for as long as is necessary based on the purpose of processing and the terms of contracts, except when laws and regulations stipulate a longer storage period.

Business of individuals:

AS WE GROW collects information about its customers in connection with individual transactions. In this way, AS WE GROW collects, among other things, customer contact information, information about the product and/or service purchased, for example product number and price.

If a customer commits a crime, information about the crime may be processed on the basis of the company's legitimate interests. Violations may then be reported to the police.

Mailing list:

AS WE GROW works with an e-mail address, which a person has registered and agreed to use in advance, in broadcasts of targeted mail to persons on the company's mailing list. Furthermore, a person can register information such as name, social security number, address, phone number and gender. Consent is also requested in order to work with information about his purchase of products and services
AS WE GROW in order to market AS WE GROW's products and services. By registering this optional information, a person agrees that AS WE GROW may collect information about them from the company's other business systems, such as sales systems and CRM systems (e. Customer relationship management), in order to be able to provide better service and send out more individualized messages. This processing is based on consent, and a person is always allowed to withdraw their consent at any time and unsubscribe from the company's mailing list by clicking on the link provided for that purpose in targeted emails, sending an email to the email address

Representatives of companies and institutions:

If a person represents a partner of AS WE GROW, such as a supplier, contractor or customer who is a legal entity, AS WE GROW may process their contact information, such as name, phone number and email address. Then AS WE GROW may work with communication history and, as the case may be, account information. This processing is necessary for the company to be able to fulfill its obligations based on the contract with the relevant partner. The company may also be obliged to work with such information on the basis of legal obligations, such as accounting laws.

Tips and/or comments from customers:

If a person submits a suggestion or complaint, AS WE GROW will generally process their contact information, such as name and email address, and the content of the complaint or suggestion they have chosen to make. Information is stored as long as necessary for the purpose of processing.

Sharing of personal information:

AS WE GROW never uses personal data for purposes other than those for which they were collected. AS WE GROW does not pass on personal information to third parties unless consent has been obtained, in accordance with the provisions of commercial agreements, on the basis of the company's legitimate interests or on the basis of legal obligations.
AS WE GROW reserves the right to share personal information with a third party (processor) who is a service provider, agent or contractor of AS WE GROW for the purpose of providing services that have been requested.
AS WE GROW shares information, for statistical purposes, with processors who work with the company in quality and marketing work. AS WE GROW only provides the processing parties with the personal information that is necessary for them for the aforementioned purposes and an agreement is made with them in which they submit to the obligation to keep personal information safe and use it only for the aforementioned purposes.
All processors of AS WE GROW and partners have signed the appropriate confidentiality statement and processing agreement in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act. AS WE GROW thus ensures the protection of personal information in accordance with the laws and regulations on personal protection as they are at any given time. Including the formulation of a security policy on the handling and security of personal information and the establishment of security and procedural rules as required by the Personal Protection Act.
In cases where a third party (processor) gets access to personal data, AS WE GROW ensures confidentiality and that the data is deleted after processing. AS WE GROW never rents or sells personal information about customers.

Data security:

AS WE GROW focuses on ensuring that personal information is stored in a safe manner, that appropriate technical and organizational security measures are taken to ensure maximum data security at all times.
These measures are intended to protect personal information against accidental loss or alteration and against unauthorized access, copying, use or disclosure. Changes and corrections of personal information
All communications with AS WE GROW's web servers are encrypted over secure URLs (HTTPS).

Your rights:

An individual has the right to and can request that AS WE GROW provide him with information about the personal information that the company has, as well as about the processing and handling of information about him. It may also be that a person has the right to receive a copy of the information. Under certain circumstances, a person can request from the company that we send information that he himself has provided to us or that he has sent us directly to a third party. A person has the right in certain cases to have their personal information corrected or deleted, for example if the information is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was originally collected. If a person does not want to have his information deleted, for example because he needs it to defend against a claim, but still wants it not to be further processed by the company, he can request that its processing be limited. If the processing of an individual's personal information is based on the company's legitimate interests, he also has the right to object to that processing. However, the aforementioned rights of the individual are not without priority. Thus, the law may oblige the company to refuse a request for deletion or access to data. The company can also reject his request due to the company's rights, eg on the basis of intellectual property rights, or the rights of other parties, eg to privacy, if the company considers those rights to be more important. However, your right to object to processing for marketing purposes is unconditional. The individual will be notified and given an explanation if there is a delay in processing or if it is not possible to comply with the request in full no later than one month after its receipt. An individual can complain to Personal Protection ( if AS WE GROW refuses to hand over certain information or if an individual is dissatisfied with AS WE GROW's processing of personal information. If circumstances arise where the Company is unable to comply with an individual's request, the Company will endeavor to explain why the request has been refused, subject to limitations based on legal obligations.


"Cookies" are information that a consumer's web application stores on his computer at the request of servers. AS WE GROW uses this information, among other things, to identify the user and know how often he visits the website/online store, what the consumer puts in his basket, how the previous the consumer's orders were and to introduce the consumer to products that might be of interest. The cookies are designed to serve the needs of the consumer and AS WE GROW uses cookies mainly to make the website and online store more pleasant to use for the consumer and to improve his experience. The cookies are either used for specific service channels or to collect statistical information to improve the AS WE GROW website. Some of the cookies are temporary and disappear when the user leaves the site, while others stay longer. Persistent cookies are stored on the user's computer and remember his choices and/or actions on the website and therefore remember previous actions to make it easier for the user to navigate the website. In addition, local cookies are used that are linked to certain marketing campaigns and disappear when the campaigns end. Most browsers are set to automatically accept cookies, but they can be set to require the consumer to accept each case. Even if the consumer chooses not to allow cookies, the consumer can still use most all parts of the AS WE GROW website, including the shopping system. AS WE GROW uses Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel for web tracking. With each visit to the website, various anonymous information is collected and sent to AS WE GROW, for example, which website you came from, the time and date you visited the website, the keywords used and the type of browser and operating system. AS WE GROW uses this information to make improvements to its website for the benefit of its users. Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel use their own cookies, but AS WE GROW reserves the right to display advertisements to website users and club members through the Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel remarketing systems. The information is recorded with the help of cookies, and those who do not want to see such advertisements can turn off their use. By using AS WE GROW's online store, the consumer agrees that AS WE GROW automatically collects information through cookies. More information regarding the deletion or control of cookies can be found at The consumer's ability to use the AS WE GROW website may be limited by such changes.


As We Grow promises the buyer complete confidentiality regarding all information provided by the buyer in connection with the transaction. Information from the buyer will not be disclosed to third parties under any circumstances.

Use of personal information:

Submissions from the As We Grow system may use personal information, such as residence, age or business history, to prepare appropriate messages for members of the site. This information is never passed on to third parties. Members of the online store can always unsubscribe and thus deny the company the use of such information.

Policy review

AS WE GROW's privacy policy is reviewed regularly and the company's policy is to be as clear as possible about how the company collects personal information and for what purposes the information is used. AS WE GROW reserves the right to change the privacy policy at any time, without notice. All inquiries about the handling of personal information and AS WE GROW's privacy policy should be sent to the email address or to phone 519 3100. This privacy policy was established on 01.09.2019.