At AS WE GROW, we think about every step we take, from design to material selection and from the production of the garment to its continued life.

We keep our production to an absolute minimum, so we produce to order. We do not produce to stock up, but with long-term use in mind. We choose the best raw materials available to ensure the product's lifetime. The raw materials are produced without the use of harmful and toxic substances, such as artificial fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. When it comes to coloring the raw materials, we use pigments that are free of metals and meet all the strictest environmental protection requirements.

The distinctive feature of AS WE GROW's design is that the sizes last up to half as long as the sizes of traditional children's clothes. This means that the child can continue to use the clothes for a longer period of time while they grow up, which causes less waste and fewer costly shopping trips for the parents.

In our designs, we look to previous generations, their utility and resourcefulness, and how the value of each garment is greatly enhanced when worn by more than one child. The long life has a hugely positive effect on the environment, and the emotional value of the clothes increases with each child and each story. It is our wish and hope that the clothes from us become part of people's history and connect families and generations.

Repair - reuse - efficiency, these are the keywords when it comes to taking care of clothes and things, and at the same time it has a good effect on the environment and nature. In order to maximize the life of the AS WE GROW products, we collaborate with pensioners who repair the garments that need it and thus extend their potential use.