Our story

It all started with a wool sweater that a mother in our family knitted for her son. He used the sweater for a few years but then grew out of it and then a little friend of the family got it. For a while, the little girl refused to wear anything else, but eventually the sweater passed on to the next family. One winter the sweater was lost, but in the spring it came from under a pile in the garden. With a little care, it was back to as good as new. The sweater is in photos in family albums; it has been carried in backpacks on walks in the countryside, folded up in wardrobes in children's rooms in Reykjavík, Akureyri and Amsterdam and returned home, and has been passed from child to child in a group of friends and relatives for more than a decade. This story fascinated us at As We Grow and inspired us to create garments that could be passed around for at least as long as this sweater.

Drawing: Emil Ásgrímsson