Clothing care

Be kind to each other, to the earth, and to your clothes.

It is our wish that you can use your AS WE GROW products for as long as possible. With good care, a quality garment can last for several generations.

Before you soak the garment, make sure it needs to be washed. Alpaca and wool are naturally self-cleaning and it is often enough to air the clothes. Think this through, fresh winds go a long way .



Alpaca wool is self-cleaning, so it does not need to be washed as often. Often enough to air the garment and in fact the wool should be washed as rarely as possible. Hanging an alpaca wool garment out in the sun and spraying it with water is often enough to clean it. The garment can be used many times without washing, but if something spills, the stain can be cleaned separately from the wool.

If the garment is made of natural and high-quality threads, the material will wrinkle, but this is actually a sign of the quality of the material. Wrinkles are characteristic of woolen materials and manifest themselves as small knots that appear during use. Our advice for snags is to gently remove them by hand or use a sweater comb and comb them away. Pull the fabric lightly and use short, light strokes in the same direction as the fabric. The bump will diminish over time and eventually the bumps will stop forming.

We recommend hand washing all wool, gentle washing without excessive rubbing and wringing, and it is best to lay the wet garment on a towel to dry. When washing a garment by hand, make sure the water is cold and wool soap is used. The garment can be left in soapy water for 20 minutes without being rubbed or twisted. Drain off the soapy water and leave the garment in clean water for another 20 minutes. Repeat and carefully lay the garment on a dry towel that you roll up and squeeze out the water. The garment can be shaped while lying wet on the towel and then allowed to dry. Never hang the garment up to dry.


Pima cotton and other cotton fabrics can be washed and dried, but we recommend that the temperature is not too high, around 30°-40°C. Set a gentle washing program and use a mild soap to protect the threads. It is fine to put the cotton in the dryer as long as the temperature is not set too high, but we do recommend hanging the garments on a cord. If a dryer is used, remove the garment when it is still slightly damp to avoid hardening the linen, then lay the garment down or hang it up to dry. If it is necessary to iron the garment, it is best to do so while the fabric is still slightly damp. Use a medium-high temperature on the iron.

AS WE GROW - Washing instructions


Linen can be put in a washing machine in 30°-40°C hot water. Use a light program and a mild soap to protect the threads. Remove as much water as possible from the fabric and then lay the garment out to dry.