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As We Grow focuses on producing high-quality, timeless clothing for children and adults, products that have nature conservation and society as a whole as a guiding principle.

The idea for As We Grow came from a wool sweater that had traveled between numerous children in the extended family for almost a decade and always retained its usefulness. Moreover, the sweater became the favorite garment of many children in the family.

From the beginning, it has been the goal of As We Grow to produce timeless, high-quality clothing. The garment lasts both because it is made from first class materials and is carefully crafted, but also because it is classic and stands the test of time.

With this, As We Grow is doing its part to put an end to fast fashion and overconsumption, the process is slower than what often happens in clothing production, but it includes the freedom to work hard and ensure quality.

These three kids are 3, 4, and 5 years old and all the same size 3y-5y.
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The garments are designed to last

The distinctive features of the design are no less that the sizes last up to half as long as the sizes of traditional children's clothes, while at As We Grow one size is equivalent to four normal children's sizes. This works because the clothes are designed to grow with the children.

The reason that garments from As We Grow last longer is because of the relaxed fit and the way knitwear is by nature, adapts to the body and stretches well. The garments are also designed in such a way that you can usually start by rolling up the trousers and sleeves without affecting the style.

This means that the child can continue to use the clothes for a longer period of time while they grow up, which causes less waste and fewer costly shopping trips for the parents.

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