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Our silky soft alpaca sweaters rhyme exceptionally well with the magical Icelandic summer.

The Icelandic summer and the outdoors are nostalgic and it's so refreshing. The design of As We Grow is timeless and the philosophy is in line with the spirit of the times, but we take our inspiration from nature. We love being outdoors and it gives us inner peace and space.

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Natural ingredients

We only use natural ingredients such as our silky soft alpaca wool, which is known to be naturally thermoregulating. Our sweaters and scarves are perfect for outdoor activities and traveling in the ever-changing Icelandic summer weather.

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Timeless quality

In the beginning, As We Grow focused on children's clothing, but we soon found a strong demand for adult products, as our philosophy of timeless quality applies to adults as well. The other day we went on a fun adventure trip to the Hengil area and formed our adult line there. The line fits exceptionally well with Icelandic nature and is therefore ideal for traveling this summer.

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