Linda Ben gives insight into her life as a recipe writer and mother

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Linda Ben gefur innsýn inn í líf sitt sem uppskriftahöfundur og móðir
Linda Ben, author of recipes and blogger and more, sat down with designer Guðrúna Rågna, who got to find out a little about her and her family.

You are a trained biochemist, what made you start blogging and then make it your main job?
After I finished my studies, I immediately went on maternity leave with my son, who was born in October 2013. Becoming a mother changed my mindset and priorities in life. I realized that the desire to work as a biochemist was not there. So I spent my maternity leave trying to figure out what I wanted to do and I started doing more things that brought this inner joy. One of them was cooking and baking in the kitchen and taking pictures of it. It never occurred to me that one day writing recipes and taking pictures of food would be my main occupation, but somehow this ball came up. People started noticing my photos and the recipes became popular. So I decided in 2016 to open a site in my name where my recipes and photos could be enjoyed to the fullest. In the fall of 2017, I made the decision to quit my job and start working full time as a recipe writer and taking pictures. It is very challenging to work independently in your own brand, you never get a day off, for example, but it is very rewarding and fun.

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Tell us a little about your family.
We are four in a family. My husband's name is Ragnar and he is a business engineer by training, but he is one of those people who can do everything, and do it all well. Together we have Róbert who, as mentioned before, was born in October 2013, so will be 7 years old this fall, and Birta, who was born in November 2019 and is therefore 6 months old.
We are a very close-knit family and we never feel better than when we are all working on a project together. We are very happy with the project and are building a single-family house now, which will soon be ready, we are also working on finishing my parents-in-law's summer home, but they bought a waterproof summer home last summer. Previously, we have built a terraced house that we bought in 2013 and also built several apartments. We think building is incredibly fun, haha.

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As a lifestyle blogger, what are your top tips for those who want to have a beautiful home without overdoing it?
Always finish the job and never leave the room empty-handed. So it's a good rule to finish everything before going to bed, that way you manage to keep the house so decent. Regarding home style, it is important to follow your heart first and foremost, ask yourself how an environment makes you feel good, rather than following only what is in fashion. So it is important to consider the quality and durability of the product you buy for your home, it is unnecessary effort and unfriendly to the environment in my opinion to buy something that will only last a short time in your home.
What are your favorite moments at home?
When I'm with my family in the kitchen. I love baking with Róbert and teaching him how to do it. It's also incredibly sweet when Ragnar and I cook some good food that we enjoy eating together as a family.

What is your favorite recipe on ?
Ugh, it's almost like deciding between your children, very hard to name one favorite. But there are a few that I have made more than others, the most important being the fluffy pancakes , the good oat cakes , the soft cinnamon rolls , the lobster in the garlic butter and the cauliflower soup .

Is Róbert starting to play something with Birta? What does he like most to do with her?
Yes, an incredibly beautiful relationship was immediately formed between them, he absolutely loves his sister, hugs her and plays with her. She also doesn't see the sun in front of her brother, she never laughs more than when her brother is fooling around. He is mostly for assembling the douplo blocks for her, as he is a big lego enthusiast.

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What is on your mind when dressing your children? (comfort, quality, appearance, etc.)?
First and foremost, quality and comfort that dress them well. As a mother in Iceland, I'm also always thinking if they aren't quite sure to be warm. I therefore look for quality clothing that is beautiful, warm and comfortable for the kids to wear. I choose to buy quality clothing that lasts well, I think it's wonderful that clothes have a second life with another child after my children have outgrown the clothing. It is also important to me that the clothes are produced in an ecological way and from environmentally friendly materials.

Do you have any favorite As We Grow garments?
Birta's favorite is lace front overalls and Róbert's favorite is grandpa pants.

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